Silicon Technologies
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8,920 / 17,840
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Silicon Technologies are a multidisciplinary CAD Outsourcing Production and Project Management Office in Bangalore, Karnataka. We provide GIS, Mapping, Building Services, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, Hydraulic, Architectural and Civil AutoCAD drafting & Revit modelling support for International Design and Engineering Consultants. Silicon Technologies provide a High Quality, Cost Effective, Flexible and Reliable AutoCAD & Revit Outsourcing service. We can offer both general CAD drawing production, man power supply and CAD project management. ® General CAD Drawing Production ® Quality CAD drafting for basic and detail engineering ® Cost Effective CAD resources ® Fast Turnaround of drawings to meet deadlines ® Flexible & Reliable pool of qualified staff ® Simple & Secure transfer of files between offices ® Manpower supply ® Allocate the dedicated manpower to client for project basis ® Supply of trained technical staff as per the client requirement ® Complete CAD Project Management ® Drawing Setup, Title blocks, layers, blocks (families), external references, view ports, match lines, numbering and drawing titles all managed by Silicon Technologies. ® Quality Assurance procedures are controlled and coordinated by our Q.A Manager. Silicon Technologies documentation ensures the successful flow of information both in-house and between Client offices.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India