Jesse Brito
Global rank:
714 / 32,892
Skill pts: 31


With experience in fields ranging from workflow optimization to medical and industrial product design, I have been fascinating by the art of computer aided engineering and design for years now. As the Chief Executive of 7C Laboratories, my success with personal ventures has been attributed greatly to my humble beginnings in design, and it only seems right to continue the work that has brought me this far, as it is highly fulfilling.

Some of my most successful work was produced at my time at Cardon Rehabilitation & Medical Equipment Ltd., and Viper Tattoo Tables Ltd.; both of which introduced me to the fields of industrial and product design. I continued my work through my personal company after deciding to move venture onward. I still produce designs for both of these previous employers through my aforementioned business.

Design is my passion, and I hope that in the future, we can work together to make something truly great!

Design Entries


  • Ryerson University Bachelor's of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering 2018 graduation
  • Spectrum Airways Career College Private Pilot's Liscence, Aircraft 2013 graduation


Toronto, Ontario, Canada