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My name is Lawrence Micu, I graduated from the faculty of architecture and urbanism in the city of Cluj-Napoca. We've got quality in design projects (houses, dwellings, institutional buildings, hotels, office buildings, in restoration, urban architecture, interior design, landscaping and special structures (modeling).
I worked in several programs alone and in teams with colleagues, I participated in summer camps architecture. I can achieve 3D models (buildings, structures, objects), projects (3d, concepts, plans, sections, facades, etc) + photoshop renderings. seriozitare, ambition and passion are the trio for success in my opinion. I can send the customer the job in various stages of work if he wants to be up to date and check if the work meets its requirements.
I offer seriously and ask for earnestly.
I wish u a good and inspired day!

3D Models


  • University of Arhitecture and Urbanism Cluj-Napoca Bachelot arhitect, arhitecture 2014 graduation