I am passionate about design and aeronautics, I grew up close to Fabrica Militar de Aviones in Cordoba, Argentina.
I currently dedicate my time to work in a Renault assembly plant and lead a team of aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and CAD experts that work in multiple projects around the world. I can tackle complex design projects from conception to final design and execution.
My and my team's experience covers the use of CAD, CATIA and the simulation of interactions of all disciplines of physics, structural, vibration, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and electromagnetic, especially in the aeronautics world.
I can design pieces for engines, structural components, new product design, among others.
I am based out of Cordoba, the base of the aeronautical and automotive industry in Argentina that includes the design and manufacture of the A-63 Pampa, an advanced jet trainer with combat capability, produced in Argentina with assistance from Dornier of Germany.
I am able to fulfill projects on time, high accuracy, and at affordable rates. My passion is to deliver the best quality.