Trained as an Industrial Designer, I love working from the perspective of project management, ideas conceptualization and strategic design, since I have taken part in multiple projects related with design and development of products and services.

I am very interested on areas such as mobility, smart cities and entertainment, specially if they are social and innovative projects. Besides, I am very into another concepts like associationism, entreprenurship, gamification, agile methodologies and event coordination. In fact, I cofounded AIDI, Industrial Design Engineering Association, which I have been coordinating and presiding for three years and a half. That gave me the opportunity to organize many activities and work in projects related with industrial design. As a result, I feel comfortable leading teams and taking responsabilities in the projects I get involved.

I am a person who is constantly willing to evolve, so I consider myself versatile to face very different challenges. Therefore, I love finding new tools and methodologies to work with. I consider essential to enlarge and keep a strong contact network because I am used to collaborating with diverse profiles from whom to learn.

3D Models


  • Politechnical University of Madrid Master, Industrial Design Engineering 2016 graduation
  • Politecnhical University of Madrid Degree, Industrial Design Engineering 2015 graduation