I'm a 3D modeller of jewellery and I have experience with 3D jewellery modelling with Rhinoceros, stone setting with Matrix and image editing with Photoshop.
I am a proactive person, focused and detail-oriented. My goals in my career are always to improve myself, learn new techniques and improve more and more upon what I’ve already mastered.

3D Models


  • IMPACTA - Educational Union and Technological Impacta Electronic Mockup: Modelling and Rendering 2013 graduation
  • IED - Instituto Europeo di Design 3D Jewellery 2011 graduation
  • Senac University Centre Post graduate , 3D Graphics Computer 2010 graduation
  • Mackenzie Presbyterian University Bachelor Degree, Computer Science 2007 graduation
  • PANAMERICANA- School of Art and Design Desktop Publishing 2005 graduation


London, England, United Kingdom