I am a Mechanical Design Engineer working in the automotive industry for one of the major car manufacturers. My experience consists in creating and improving mechanical car and airplane parts that are used in the manufacturing process. I have graduated the Engineering University of Bucharest and have a degree in engineering. My job involves working to review to specifications and technical standards in order to develop mechanical layouts. I have knowledge of mechanical parts and CAD software, such as CATIA (modelling 3D, 2D,assembly, plastics) and knowledge of structural materials and engine efficiency requirements. As part of my job I travel to factories to observe the production lines and consult with the engineers on how to make use of the final product designed.
Knowledge of designing mechanical parts: bolts, bolt nuts, clips, rivets, spacers, supports, pistons, cog wheels, crankshafts, rods, block engines, shafts, revolute parts, reservoirs, tanks, housings, motor main body, cylinder heads, gaskets, oil rings.

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  • University Politehnica Bucuresti Engineers's degree, engineering 2014 graduation

Age: 33

Joined: June 21, 2017


Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania