Bojan Damjanovic
Global rank:
19,215 / 43,627
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I’m CAD/CAM Mechanical/Mechatronic Design Engineer with routine in 3D CAD/CAM (SolidWorks, ProE Creo, AutoCAD and CNC programming, MasterCAM)
Currently I’m designing integrated automation units, custom solutions for mid sized and high output industrial processing and production lines. Designs that combines custom mechanism design, pneumatic, PLC control and fluid dispensing.
My proficiency is producing detailed assembly parametric CAD models, industrial components and technology design.
I’m used on generating manuals and complex BOM’s, designing solutions from concept to build up and final acceptance, providing end customer technical support.
I also posses hands on manufacturing experience in prototyping, CNC programming and machining, sheet metal and die casting.
In my career I often performed troubleshooting that requires in-depth product knowledge, repair, billing and shipping, application analysis to recommend appropriate product solution.

Area of Expertise


Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia