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2D and 3D Engineering Design 3D Animation 3D AutoCAD 3D Product Animation AutoCAD Blender Blender 3D CAD Design Creo 6 Engineering Drawing FEA FEA Analysis Google Sketchup Naval Architecture Rhinoceros 8


Welcome to my profile! I'm a dedicated Naval Architect with a passion for bringing ideas to life through engineering and design. With a robust background in engineering drawings and modeling, I specialize in utilizing a range of software tools to transform concepts into tangible, functional creations.

My expertise spans across various software platforms including Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, and Creo, enabling me to craft intricate designs with precision and efficiency. Additionally, I'm proficient in Google Sketchup for spatial visualization, basic 3D animation using Blender, and product animation in Keyshot, enriching the design process with dynamic visualizations.

My commitment extends beyond mere design aesthetics; I ensure that every project is primed for real-world application. I possess the proficiency to prepare files for 3D printing, strategically optimizing them for compatibility with different printer sizes. Furthermore, I ensure that designs are CFD and FEA analysis-ready, facilitating comprehensive performance evaluation.

One recent project exemplifying my skill set involved the design of a party barge utilizing pontoon tubes. Beginning with the meticulous design of the pontoon tubes in Rhino, I conducted initial stability analyses to guarantee safe and efficient performance. Subsequently, I meticulously integrated equipment placement, leveraging my software proficiency to render lifelike visuals in Rhino and produce captivating 3D animations using Blender.

My approach blends technical expertise with creative flair, resulting in solutions that are both functional and visually compelling. Whether it's designing marine vessels, architectural structures, or innovative products, I'm dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of the design process.


  • National University of science and technology Islamabad B . E, Naval Architecture, 3.3/4 CGPA 2020 – 2024

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Karachi, Pakistan