I have got Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with 6 years in design engineering.
In the companies I have worked, i have always worked in the design department.
From my first company, i have designed fixtures, molds, fixtures for Robot welding, Fixtures for inspection, Fixtures
for bending, laser cutting... service for manufacturing bikes and motorbikes, for example, frames of Harley Davidson, Frames
of Ducati...
In the second company, I designed washer machines for a Holland company, the name of the company is
Numafa. The engineers of Numafa sent the layout and instructions to my team about the kind of machine,
conveyors, and the high of the machine, after that, my team create the machines to follow that. from 3D to detail 2D for Plasma cut and bending with sheet metal.
In the recent company, I designed and transfer to Vietnam the CNC parts to machines from an American
company. My team will review and feedback on some mistakes in the customer's drawings. and convert them to template for my company.


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