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PowerMill is a very popular 3D Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software tool formulation Windows. It is used for the programming of tools paths for 2-axis and 5-axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machines. This program was created by Delcam Plc. Today, PowerMill is used in a wide range of engineering industries and it is usually used for identification of ultimate tool paths to cut the manufacturing costs and time. It’s also used to lower tool loads and create smooth surface finishes. Today, over 15,000 companies and individuals use PowerMill. They use this software solution for both 2.3 and 5-axis machining.

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The first version of PowerMill was introduced in 1995. This software was based on the software DUCT which was introduced in 1973. Over all these years, PowerMill was upgraded and updated on a regular basis which allowed this software to stay on top. The latest version known as PowerMill 2016 R1 was introduced in 2015. Another thing that makes PowerMill great is the add-ons. There are 8 add-ons that help designers finish their work easily. For instance, PowerMill Pro comes with PS-Exchange. This is an efficient CAD data translator for neutral export and import. It works with STEP, VDA and IGES file types. Furthermore, PowerMill Rotary Axis is designed for machines that rely on the rotary axis. PowerMill 4X75 axis machining, as the name suggests, is for 4 and 5 axis machines.

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