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Last updated: Jun 16, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring SimScale Designers

SimScale is a program that helps with computer aided engineering. It is based entirely off of cloud computing and has a number of capabilities. It is a cloud based platform that allows its users to run a variety of different simulations that make it easier to make more design changes than standard computer aided design programs. At Cad Crowd, there are many SimScale freelancers who are well versed in this program and eager to help you get your work done the easy way.

SimScale provides a number of different ways to visualize and simulate a variety of functions. It has a finite element analysis module that allows for both nonlinear and linear dynamic and static analyses of different structures. The linear static analysis is able to calculate any displacement and stress that comes from the load that has been applied. It shows the different contours surrounding the stresses. With nonlinear static analysis, you can see the complex physical behavior that is shown between the two different components. The linear dynamic analysis shows the stress contour plot that comes from different dropped distances. The dynamic response of a structure that is put against time dependent loads can also be examined.

Multibody dynamics are something else that can be explored with our SimScale services. This will allow you to import your CAD meshes and models as assemblies and individual parts to show off contact constraints and more. There is a harmonic analysis that will show the peak response of any other system in a certain load setting through contoured plot displacements. Model analysis will allow you to determine different frequencies and modes of a given structure. The material models in SimScale let you look at a number of material models that are suitable for a variety of different applications in engineering.

Computational fluid dynamics are also possible with SimScale. You can look at laminar fluid flow in certain spaces and rough flows that often showcase things such as when a velocity of an object crosses a threshold. Constant density flows can be examined as compressed flows that show the way air flows around different objects such as planes. Understanding things such as a multiphase flow can also be done, as well as fluid-solid body interactions and passive scalar transport. Thermal modules let you examine items such as conduction heat transfer, convection heat transfer, radiation heat transfer, conjugate heat transfer and general thermo-structural analysis.

With SimScale, there is a huge variety of things that you can examine and analyze, and the freelance SimScale designers at Cad Crowd are here to help you do it. We offer thousands of highly trained and vetted freelance SimScale experts for hire who can help you get your simulations completed both on time and within budget. You can stay in touch with your designated freelance SimScale designer to ensure that everything is going the way it should, so you will always get the results you are after. Get in touch with Cad Crowd today for a quick, free price estimation.

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