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Samir P.

MiTek Designer

  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Modeling
  • CAD Design
  • Assembly Design
  • Drafting Services
  • Design Engineer
  • Rendering
  • Luxion KeyShot
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PTC Creo Parametric
  • MATLAB Simulink
  • ANSYS Maxwell

Last updated: Jun 15, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring MiTek Designers

MiTek provides high-performance solutions that empower your business in areas in structural framing, business management, component design, and production management. MiTek offers software upgrades and internet-based training to help improve proficiency and to quickly master the use of MiTek software. 

For every key area in business, MiTek has a ready solution. Under Business Management, for example, there’s Mitek® Job Summary™ Project Management Software, Mitek® Workflow™ Document Control Software, Mitek® Mba™ Mitek Business Application, and InfoStar™, a management information system that will make a truss plant manager’s life easier. Under Component Design, on the other hand, there’s Mitek® Engineering and OnLine Plus™, an application exclusively designed for truss fabricators. 

There are also options for upgrading. From the old Structural Framing, for example, you can upgrade to either eFrame layout or Sapphire Structure, an application based on TrussFramer, which has been retooled and packed with more powerful editing, estimating and structural modeling functionality. Component design, business management, and production management are also upgraded to their latest equivalent in the Sapphire Suite. 

Unlike other design software, the Sapphire Suite takes into account aspects beyond the digital files. It allows sharing of 3D files between designer and customers to help improve communication, and unifies materials and reporting databases so that business processes can be optimized. And to ensure better business management, the software is also made configurable and expandable, so it would fit your business needs, regardless of how unique they are. 

While MiTek provides the software solutions, you need to find the professional to use and implement them according to your project requirements. The business management software may not be as complicated as those used in structural framing or machinery design, but it still requires a certain level of skill and knowledge.  

This is where Cad Crowd can help. 

We are your source of Mitek freelancers that offer a wide range of MiTek services. Our community of design professionals can put your visions on a digital platform and take you closer to reality. When every aspect of a project is supported by a specific software platform, a seamless process is achieved. 

A freelance MiTek designer from Cad Crowd has the knowledge and expertise that extend beyond the software solutions that MiTek provides. This is mainly because they have professional experience in a wide range of software tools used in industries including Oil & Gas, civil engineering, and advanced electronics engineering, among others. 

Their experience allows a level of flexibility allowing us to offer different software solutions and bring to the table related skills. Many of our freelancers are qualified MiTek users and expert in AutoCAD, Revit at, or other CAD programs the same time. This means the professional you hire will not only do their job but exceed your expectations. 

How to hire a freelance MiTek designer from Cad Crowd?

Contact us and we will match you with the professional that suits your project requirements. We connect clients with pre-vetted and qualified freelancers to deliver quality MiTek services. 

You can also choose a designer yourself by checking out member profiles, and decide based on the credentials presented.  

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