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Last updated: Jun 14, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Concrete Design Professionals

Are you looking for top-tiered concrete designers? Cad Crowd has a community of concrete design freelancers that offer related services, from design development and analysis to implementation. Pre-qualified and pre-vetted, they are guaranteed to have the skills and knowledge needed to carry out concrete design services and solutions with accuracy to your project specifications. 

We know how daunting it is to hire concrete design experts online. This is why we will match you directly with a professional concrete designer that can work with your team and is suitable for your project needs. Submit a description of your project to us and we will analyze it to find the most suitable concrete design expert. When you take the guesswork out of hiring online, you can focus more on core competencies that need to be done. 

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials and, in fact, it revolutionized the construction industry. Plain concrete is very strong, made up of a mix of cement, water, and aggregate in a defined proportion. Many construction workers know how to produce concrete, but not everyone understands how to exploit the material's attributes of being strong in compression and weak in tension. 

This is where you need to hire a concrete design freelancer who knows exactly how to use concrete in various applications. Our concrete design expert can help you develop a plan or layout that optimizes the properties of a material, whether it is used as a decorative element or a foundation or column. 

Decorative concrete designs are popular for indoor and outdoor use. Inside a building or home, you will see floors, countertops, fireplace surrounds, furniture, sink and vessels, floor coatings, and faux wall covers in concrete. Outside, you will find concrete driveways, entryways, outdoor countertops and kitchens, patios, pool decks, and walkways. 

To make concrete durable and strong, it needs to be reinforced. This is especially true when it is placed in areas where it has to bear tensile force. Reinforcing bars or re-bars are introduced and embedded in concrete to create reinforced concrete. 

Part of the job of a concrete design expert is to identify the kind of steel and concrete bond that guarantees strength and avoid slippage. This is where the need to study Structural Analysis concept becomes vital. 

Cad Crowd has skilled concrete designers that fully understand how concrete works before and after it is reinforced and how to best use them according to your project needs. They will work with you through the entire process, from initial design development to the calculation of the depth and width in the centroid using a flexure formula. 

Part of our concrete design service is for experts to provide recommendations on how to strengthen the material based on the imposed load it needs to carry. They also know how to ensure steel bars used will not suffer corrosion in the long run and affect the integrity of a concrete structure. 

Ready to hire concrete designers? Send your project brief to Cad Crowd for a free no-obligation quote from any of our concrete design freelancers.

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