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Raghavendra Prasad M S

Raghavendra Prasad M S

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AutoCAD Conversion Services

AutoCAD conversion allows you to transfer any existing plans to AutoCAD files that are DWG compatible in a total scale of 1:1. By creating layered, dimensionally accurate files, you can get any of your 2D drawings onto your computer aided design program in order to better work on your project with a clearer view and an easier, more accurate way to make changes. Converting using AutoCAD can be done using a number of drawings, including sections, details, elevations, site plans and floor plans alike. No matter what sort of conversion you need for AutoCAD, the AutoCAD freelancers at Cad Crowd are dedicated to helping you out. We offer a large number of designers who are able to get your conversion completed in no time at all.

By sending in your PDF, TIF, JPG copies or scans of your original blueprints, the freelance AutoCAD designers can take it from there. The standard sizes only take a little while to complete, and we use each of your layer conventions if they are available or just use AIA standards to make them go faster. The layers are the way the information in your CAD drawing is organized for use. With the AIA standards, the layers use the first letter to let you know what the layer is about. For instance, the M would stand for mechanical, while an A would stand for architectural. After the conversion, this will make it easier for you to get through your work more efficiently.

Walls get put onto these layers to help separate them out. These will be attached to the standard .ctb file unless you give Cad Crowd freelancers the kind of file you want to use. These .ctb files will let us know the way each color needs to be plotted. Each color will be given a unique line weight and can be screened in order to show themselves as light images. This is especially useful for drawings that deal with mechanical drawings and electrical drawings over base plans. AutoCAD is the leading CAD suite across the industry, making it perfect for using for conversions of these CAD files. We are able to accept files in a variety of formats, including but not limited to turbocad, chief architect, jpg, dwg, tiff, pdf, punch pro, ai, psd, gif and so much more. This ensures that virtually any AutoCAD conversion services you need can be handled by Cad Crowd.

Getting started with AutoCAD conversion at Cad Crowd is as simple as getting in touch with us. We will happily give you a no-obligation quote that will preface you finding the freelance AutoCAD expert you want to work with. We can also find that freelancer for you, depending on how you want to do it. Regardless of the path you take or the project at hand, our freelancers will ensure that the product is delivered both within your budget and within your deadline. Talk to Cad Crowd today.


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