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Last updated: Feb 24, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Architectural Plans Designers

Architectural planning is the process in which architects design their own plans for buildings and structures. This planning usually includes factors such as specifications for the design, architectural drawings, time planning of the building processes, calculations, and other important documentation. Other aspects of architectural planning include scale drawings of structures, floor plans, plans for general architectural projects, or documentation for graphic and written descriptions of the different architectural aspects of a project. At Cad Crowd, we give you the chance to work with highly trained and skilled architectural plans designers who can get you the documentation you need to move forward with your design.

The architectural planning process is a design process just like any other. Depending on the building or other sort of structure that is being designed, there are different processes that a designer will go through. Some of the steps that are to follow are often ignored in order to save time or reduce cost, or even because they are redundant for the process at hand. Sometimes all of the steps all necessary, and having a designer who knows when to use which steps and when to cut costs is important. For that reason, working with Cad Crowd is crucial.

The design process for architectural planning includes a number of different phases. The first is the design brief that gives a statement of the intended design goals. Next is the analysis, which gives a detailed look at the current design goals that are to be implemented. Research will involve looking into different design solutions that will be used in the field that it is being designed for or other related topics. Specifying the requirements of the design solution is another important step to designing, as it requires looking at the different things that will be necessary to complete the design. Problem solving comes after, where any problems that are noticed in the design process are eliminated and fixed. Then, presenting the design solution follows all of that.

In the design during production phase, the development, or the continuation of improvement upon a design solution keeps happening to ensure the right outcome. Testing is also done during this phase to make sure everything comes out right. In postproduction design, the designer introduces the new solution into the environment. The final step is evaluation, where the designer looks at the structure in its new environment and makes sure that everything is working well. If not, there is an optional stage of redesign that will start back over at any of the necessary design stages.

The freelance architectural designers at Cad Crowd know all of these steps well and can intuitively use them as necessary to save you as much time and money as possible. These architectural design plan freelancers can get your idea right the first time and send it back to you on time. Contact Cad Crowd to get a free price estimation today.

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