How to send a job offer

The Cad Crowd platform helps you simplify hiring and find qualified experts on demand.

When hiring an expert, you are entering a legal contractor arrangement. Please verify that your job details and compensation (i.e., hourly rate, total payment, milestones, etc.) are accurate when you send a job offer.

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How to send a job offer

  1. Visit your Jobs list
  2. Select the job listing
  3. Click on the Applicants tab
  4. Choose the expert’s profile and click the Hire button
  5. Add job details and click Send offer button

When you send your job offer to the expert, you can modify the job description, work summary, and payment criteria.

Once the expert receives your job offer contract, they can take one of the following steps:

  • Accept offer: Expert approves your job offer, and the work contract begins
  • Withdrawal application: Expert turns down your job offer, and the application is withdrawn
  • Suggest changes Expert asks for a different rate or work details for your approval

After you send a job offer, the expert has a week to accept or decline the job contract. Your job offer is automatically canceled if the expert doesn’t reply within 7 days.

You’ll receive an email if the expert accepts your offer. Once the contract is accepted, you can view your active job on your Job contracts page.

How to modify or cancel a job offer

You can change or cancel a job offer after it has been sent.

Steps to modify a job offer

  1. Go to your Jobs list
  2. Select the job
  3. Click the Hires tab
  4. Select the (•••) dropdown > click Modify offer

Steps to cancel a job offer

  1. Go to your Jobs list
  2. Select the job
  3. Click the Hires tab
  4. Select the (•••) dropdown > click Cancel offer

🚀 Tip: You can close a job offer that an expert accepted by visiting your Job contracts > select (•••) dropdown > click “Close job

Questions and answers

How are hourly and fixed-rate jobs different?

Hourly jobs are based on the number of hours worked by the expert and are paid weekly. Fixed-rate jobs use milestone-based projects, where payments are approved when tasks are completed. Check out our articles about hourly jobs and fixed-rate jobs.

Why is a payment method required to send a job offer?

We require a payment method to send a job offer, which prevents fraud and ensures the client can fund the work. Your payments through the platform are covered under the Billing Security guarantee.

When am I billed for a job?

  • Hourly jobs: When billing on an hourly basis, you will be charged weekly. The expert records their work hours throughout the week until midnight Sunday (UTC timezone). The work hours are billed automatically on Monday, and you have until Friday to review the work and submit a dispute (if needed). The funds will be released to the freelancer on the following Wednesday. Learn more
  • Fixed-rate jobs: When you start a fixed-rate job, your account is billed for the first milestone, and the payment is held in the escrow system. Once you approve the work, the payment is released from escrow into the expert’s account. Once the expert submits work, you are given 14 days to accept delivery or request revisions. Learn more

Is my payment method and personal information stored securely?

Your personal information is stored securely on our servers with 256-bit SSL encryption. Your payment details are stored on Stripe (credit card/ACH) or PayPal. These two payment firms use high-level encryption and power 61.8% of worldwide eCommerce payments.

When is the expert paid?

  • Hourly jobs are billed on Sunday night (midnight/UTC timezone), and you can contact support until the following Thursday night (midnight/UTC timezone) if you want to dispute the expert’s billable hours. The expert is paid the following Wednesday if you’re satisfied with the work.
  • Fixed-rate jobs use milestones for payments. The first milestone payment is due when your job begins. You’ll be prompted to pay the next milestone after you have approved the work delivery for the first milestone. Payments are available to your expert 5 days after you approve the milestone. The funds are automatically released after 7 days after the expert submits work for your approval unless you take action.

What are the service fees for jobs?

The platform has a 5% service fee for processing your credit card payments. If you use ACH payments with a checking/savings account, the service fee is reduced to 3% on payments (US-banks only).

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the expert’s work?

Cad Crowd allows for the termination of a job contract by either you or your expert at any time. The only obligation is the reimbursement of hours or work completed when the job ends. This feature is included in Cad Crowd’s Billing Security policy. Cad Crowd provides mediation support to assist in reaching a resolution when both parties do not mutually agree on contract termination. To find out more, please refer to the information on hourly job dispute resolution and fixed-rate job escrow resolution.

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