How escrow works for fixed-rate jobs

Cad Crowd’s job escrow system helps foster trust and offers payment protection for our members. When you start a fixed-rate job contract, you must fund the first milestone, which is held in escrow until your task milestone (or entire job) is finished.

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How it works

The escrow funds are held until the expert successfully completes the task in your payment milestone description. The escrow deposit shows the expert that you’re willing to pay for the job and assures you that payment is only released upon completing your task.

Escrow for fixed-rate jobs

When starting a fixed-rate job contract, you can deposit the total contract value or a partial milestone payment into escrow. Also, you can add and pay for upcoming milestones that you discussed with the expert upfront. If you decide to release a payment below your agreed-upon milestone, the remaining balance is carried over to your next milestone. The funds remain in escrow until the agreed-upon task is finished.

When an expert submits work for approval, you have 14 days to accept the work delivery or request revisions. If you don’t reply to the expert’s approval request within 14 days, the task is considered complete, and the escrow payment is automatically sent. You can ask the expert to update the work by visiting your Contracts list, clicking the job contract, and selecting the Request edits button.

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