How do I hire a designer with a 1-to-1 project?

Steps to hiring a CAD designer or freelance engineer for a 1-to-1 project:

  1. Find experts: You can find top-rated designers on the leaderboard or use the designer search to search users by skills or software.
  2. Send messages: When you find a designer that you’d like to contact, you can send a private message to explain your project and receive a quote. You may want to send messages to several designers for the highest response rate.
  3. Hire the designer: Once you explain your project scope and negotiate a price with the designer, you can initiate your project by clicking the Hire / Invite to project button on the designer’s profile page.
  4. Re-hire: Simply edit your project budget or re-hire the designer (step 3) your project work scope increases or you want to send additional work

Check out the 1-to-1 project topic page for additional details on managing your project. Also, you can contact our support team if you need help getting started.

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