Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) & IP assignment for jobs

We protect your work confidentiality and intellectual property with legally binding terms of service that experts agree to when using the platform. The terms cover non-disclosure and IP assignment of all work completed on the platform.

After hiring an expert on Cad Crowd, you can request a custom NDA or IP agreement if your contract is shared as a PDF file and sent via the chat message system.

Experts agree to the following job contract terms

  • You and the expert agree to mutual confidentiality
  • Upon full payment, the expert surrenders rights to use the IP. All intellectual property from the jobs posted on the platform is assigned to you.
  • You retain full IP ownership of the intellectual property rights and work deliverables. Once the job is finished and payment is complete, the expert agrees to return or dispose of all job-related material.
  • Upon request, you may give the expert limited sharing rights for the work materials (i.e., use for a work portfolio).

Cad Crowd will suspend experts that violate the terms of service and cannot enforce actions taken outside the platform.

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