What is a 1-to-1 project and how do I post one?

The 1-to-1 projects allow you to hire a freelance designer confidentially and work great for the use cases below:


  • Hire a contest winner: 1-to-1 projects work great if you have awarded a contest to a specific designer and want to continue working with that individual on an ongoing basis.
  • Clear scope: These projects work best if you have a clear and well-defined project scope.
  • Qualification: 1-to-1 projects work well if you can evaluate a designer and their skillsets. If not, we recommend our private project services, where we confidentially connect you with a vetted designer.
  • One-time project: 1-to-1 projects are best suited for one-time project requirements. If you require ongoing work, we recommend our hourly design services for vetted designers with increased project flexibility.

See this 1-to-1 projects tutorial for notes on how to start your confidential project and contact us if you need more help.

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