2D & 3D CAD Work (Charlotte, NC)

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Looking for someone to help on an as needed basis for CAD drawings of specialty pieces.  We are in the environmental sector and often have to create 1 off custom valves, manheads, flanges, etc. that we eventually cut out in our waterjet table and weld together.  Sometimes we have an adobe file from the client that we mock up by hand with dimensions, etc and need that converted to a 3D Cad file for approval.  Then that file will will be use on our waterjet table to cut the piece.  Sometimes it may just be a hand drawing with dimensions. 
Ideally it would be great to have someone local to Charlotte, NC, but understand you can create these files anywhere as needed.   Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
  • Does it matter which CAD package is used to design your products? 
  • Do you have drawing standards we should abide by? 
  • Are you looking for engineering help such as FEA, or simply putting what you already have into a 3D format that can be used by waterjet equipment?
Hi Neil2124,
Are you still looking for? If yes, I would like to help you in this. I will use Solidworks software for creating 3d models. 

Thank you!
I can help with the transition of your 2D drawing to 3D model of parts and assembly.
I am currently using Shapr3D  and Onshape.

Thanks for the responses.  I have found someone local through a friend,
Yeah. OK.
Hi Neil,
My name is Tom and I have a BEng in Mechanical Engineering.
I can easily convert 2D format drawings to 3D CAD files in either Solidworks or Fusion 360. I can also program your tool paths for your water jet table in Fusion 360.
Although I am not in the US, (I am based in London) I am a native English speaker.
I feel that I am a good fit for your work.
As I am looking to build experience I would be willing to work for $27 an hour which I feel is reasonable. Please feel free to contact me.
Kind regards,

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