Seeking top designers with these special skills

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MacKenzie Brown
Hey everyone,

This is a follow-up post to the email we sent out this week.

We are currently seeking top designers who can demonstrate quality designs, and are comfortable speaking on the phone with our clients for potential projects.
(All of our clients speak English so we would like our designers to be fluent. )

Before you email us:
  1. You  MUST have a completed profile on Cad Crowd. 
  2. upload at least three projects you've worked on your own 
  3. Update your Job Preferences to be considered. (refer to the last email for tips)
Once your profile looks nice and sharp, review the list of skills we are looking for at this time.

Do you have mastery skills in one or more? Awesome! Reach out to our operations manager with a link to your Cad Crowd profile and a brief cover letter to be considered for future projects. Skills:
  • 3D scanning & cleanup (US designers only)
  • PCB designers & electrical schematics (Altium, Ki-Cad, and/or MATLAB) Optional: C++ / C# / Python / Java (e.g. Arduino)
  • Packaging designers
  • CAD design for fabrics and clothing (sneakers, backpacks, etc.)
  • Shop drawings (steel, rebar, and plumbing, etc.)
  • Chief Architect designers (US designers only)
  • Local architects for stamping in any US state (US designers only)
  • Blender scripting, Python, & WebGL development

You can reach out to our operations manager via email:
thats good for everyone
MacKenzie Brown
Hey All,

Several of our Cad Crowd clients are still on the hunt for someone with Blender scripting and python experience. Give us a heads up if anyone comes to mind 👍

Hi MacKenzie,
I know both Blender scripting and Python along with 2 of my team members. I also know KiCAD for PCB designing. 

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