How are things here?

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Hi, I am newbie here. Today I had registered and I am a little disoriented by the amount of work. There are only 7 contests for over 30 000 CAD designers. How can this be? May be the most of the work falls on 1-to-1 projects? Is this situation normal for CAD Crowd? And could you please explain how are things abount the number of orders here?
Thanks  in advance.
Hii Tigran, welcome to CAD CROWD community.You can see there are around  7 contest active  alll the time with 30000+ designers , but only few of those designers are active . So number of entries to any contest is mostly arround 30 to 50 and sometimes goes to 100+ . However the active designers are professionals from industries with fine work so don't think that competition is not so high here.Hope I have answer your question .    

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