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Tazo J
Hi Everyone,

Just signed to this resource. Say honestly not quite sure that I understood how things work here.

1. Tell me please, is here only those contest what I should win or Is here any jobs/projects on what I can bid alongside with other freelancers like on other freelancing resources?

2. Where can I add some samples of work I did in the past that potential client see my real capabilities?

MacKenzie Brown
Hi Tazo,

That's a good question and I'd be happy to elaborate.

You can use the gallery to upload examples of your past design work. To can navigate to add your CAD designs by going to this page in your user profile dashboard.

The bidding system is not something we offer, since there's a huge difference between the skills of designers/engineers. We usually send client projects privately to certain designers based on a combination of the following criteria:
  1. Users that have won a lot of contests
  2. Users that have a great portfolio
  3. Users that actively contribute valuable insights to the forum (new)
  4. Referrals from other designers that currently work with us
A large majority of our client work is handled privately and only a small amount of our work is posted to contests. Contests are fun, good for publicity and work out great for buyers; however the main benefit is that it gives us a good idea of who the best designers are to send work to privately. 

Let me know if that answers your question. Would be happy to elaborate further :)


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