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Lukas Flenner
Dear Staff, 

since many designers and engineers are using animation to convey and explain a design it would be helpful if short animations or GIFS could be added to once portfolio. Many costumers ask for them also, therefor it would be great if one could show of their animation skills in the portfolio. 
MacKenzie Brown
Hey Lukas, 

Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. 

We're aiming to launch an update to the portfolio pages over the next 1-2 weeks and it will support GIF image/animations. It'd be great to hear your feedback once the upgrade is launched to make sure your GIF files display correctly after the file upload. 

Chat soon,
Hi Lukas,
The portfolio section has been renamed to "3D Models" and now it supports gif images as well as CAD file types. Thanks again for your feedback!
Ratinder Kaur
BIM (Building Information Modeling) based knowledge can be communicated and reused among project managers and Jobsite engineers through animation usage for minimum risk and maximized benefits. 3D Rendering and 3D animation of photorealistic images for interior design, furniture, and large housing complex, through the innovative BIM software technologies, help in visualizing the architectural, engineering and construction projects in a realistic way. A new dimension has been added by BIM and 3DS MAX for building design analysis. Revit 3D BIM Model and 3DS Max to explore, validate & convey building designs, identifying constructability issues and saving time.

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