Solidworks Car model

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I am looking for someone to model in solidworks a replica of a car already on the market. I like super cars and classic cars! The file needs to be somewhat editable in solidworks and renderable in keyshot. The contest is quite open ended, the more detail the better.
solidworks use, attention to detail, keyshot workability, completeness
Don't Wants:
unfinished cars, boxy cars
  1. SolidWorks


#16 Car Model by hafedh
Hi , I send you 4 car model i.
I had not create them all only the audi-2008
I have a large collection of car
I can sen it all for ou if you went for free
contacte me on my skype hafedh.has
2014-10-22 14:44:28
#15 car model by zyrone levantino
Lamborghini Aventador
All 3d format
2014-10-05 18:22:15
#14 Car model by zyrone levantino
All 6 car model high res
2014-10-05 17:26:56
#12 1970 vett by jmorrow
mid level detail 1970 body style vett
2014-09-26 11:29:53
#11 Athena by Richard Smith
Front Engine Design
2014-09-26 00:03:22
#10 BMW I8 by TomyAsa
2014-09-25 04:16:54
#9 veneno by TomyAsa
2014-09-25 03:52:40
#8 Corvette C7 Stingray by jmorrow
nice new body style Corvette C7 Stingray
2014-09-25 02:16:45
#7 newer vett by jmorrow
detailed new vett
2014-09-25 01:36:21
#6 challenger by jmorrow
nice challenger 2009 srt8
2014-09-25 01:12:27
#5 cr5 vett by jmorrow
vet racer
2014-09-25 00:44:43
#4 1971 Pantera by jmorrow
nice pantera 1971
2014-09-25 00:12:45
#3 El Camino ss 454 by jmorrow
an El Camino model 454 ss
2014-09-24 23:56:15
#2 sesto elemento by TomyAsa
2014-09-23 06:21:28
#1 Ford Mustang GT by Luka B.
Hello, this is my favorite car that I made a few weeks ago. It is fully made in SolidWorks 2014, made to detail. I made some renderings in KeyShot 3.0 which are not the best, but okay for you to see what I have modeled(.RAR file). In total I spent around 140 hours. Tell me what you think! Regards.
2014-09-22 18:18:13




Wed, 24 Sep 2014 19:43:42 +0000
I have got car models galore let me know what cars you would like to have. I have new and old alike and I mean nice ss and newer camaros el caminos mopars chavelles new sports cars and older sports cars. What can you import into your software solidworks.



Mon, 22 Sep 2014 06:43:33 +0000
Hi Marc,

Please remember to include attachments so the designers will fully understand your project. If you need help including these, please refer to this link and our help pages.


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