Cat Earred Headphones

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We want a set of headphones designed that have cute cat ears designed on the top of the headphones. The mockup that we will include uses Beats Solo HD headphones as the template. This an easy way for us to portray the aim of the project, as we want the final outcome to look sleek and simple, but not exactly like Beats. We want a redesigned set of headphones that has fashionable cat ears on top suitable for young 20 year old females. Make 2D mock ups to give us an idea of what you have designed, then also to make up plans that can be sent to manufactures for immediate production, preferably in a cad format that can be used to 3D print the shell. Color, style, aesthetics are all up to designer, but general preferred color themes will be for white to pair with pink, and baby blue to pair with very light red.
Design will be evaluated purely on aesthetics, simplicity, and female appeal.
Don't Wants:
We do not want a copy of Beats.
Ask for Sample:
We would like rough mock up samples from each designer
  1. AutoCAD
  2. Autodesk Inventor
  3. Whatever is standard manufacturers ask for


#8 Cat headphone by Jay M.
Cat headphone by inventor 3d modeling
2014-03-15 15:46:19
#7 cat_ear_headphone_rough_mockup_rendering2 by kiranMCadd
a rendering from another changes in the previous work file
2014-03-12 11:56:55
#6 Cat Ear Headphone design_rough_mock up by kiranMCadd
its not a detailed version..its just a simple mock up
2014-03-12 10:41:28
#5 Cat headed headphone by NITHYANANDHAN CAD
Done with Solidworks 2010 with reference of modern headphones images.
2014-03-08 06:00:21
#4 FelineFones by sekinzer
Pink and black cat-style headphones, consistent with the famous quality and comfort of Beats.
2014-03-07 21:49:15
#3 cathead_patita_by by N.J.Brizuela
headphone patita design this design belongs to, and not be published without permission. cc protected
2014-02-20 15:17:12
I am submitting a second and modified design, with little detail, so that you can look at it and give me feedback on how to proceed.
( i realized that the file in the first entry is not an STP file that contains every component, and it is just a part , so i am adding both stp files in this submission)
I will refine the model you like best and submit it for further evaluation.
I will also submit any new ideas i may come up with.
Thank you
2014-02-19 23:05:26
I am submitting a fast design, with little detail, so that you can look at it and give me feedback on how to proceed.
Thank you
2014-02-19 22:59:24


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