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I am looking for someone to design a Tri-Glide buckle for my dad caps, AKA the buckle used to adjust the sizing on the back of the hat itself. The dad caps are for my company called KWAD (Kid With A Dream). I strive to build and grow KWAD into a luxurious, 100% sustainable hat company. Ideally, I would like to be able to send this 3D model design to custom stainless steel manufacturers to produce my buckles. I will include a link to a similar Tri-Glide buckle I was previously looking at. It doesn't necessarily have to be used as a reference, just an idea. Here's the link:
Material-wise, I am looking for something that is 100% sustainable. That being said, I think stainless steel would be the best option regarding the sustainability aspect. On either the right or the left side, I would also like to have enough space to be able to engrave my company name. Perhaps, there might even be a way to add the 'kwad' engraving/lettering on the actual 3D model design, as shown in the example I've attached in the files (Air Jordan buckle). I want the design to feel modern, elegant, and luxurious. In other words, I want it to feel dreamy. The dimensions should be roughly 1 inch (length) x 0.5 inch (width; may be larger than 0.5 with the space for 'kwad' company name). I'll include several images of the Tri-Glide buckle. I don't mind the buckle to be slightly thicker than the one in the images. Feel free to be creative and make this your own.
Don't Wants:
I don't want something that looks boring or regular. I want a custom, elegant feel to them, instead. Definitely not something that looks cheap or short-lived. I want KWAD's dad caps to stand out. Everything should flow smoothly.
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#40 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle Contest _model 1.1 by RRM
#38 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle with an EDGE ;) by RF_
#52 Kwad Tri glide buckle by Parvinder
Hidden design
#63 kwad design by Vinayaka V M
Hidden design
#61 simple shaped buckle design by ponnkarthikeyan
Hidden design
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#60 KWAD4_CONCEPT by Vincenzo Ricci
#59 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle by aakashd1
#58 KWAD BUCKLE DESIGN by rifqik
Hidden design
#57 I designed it with a simple by rifqik
Hidden design
#56 KWAD3_CONCEPT by Vincenzo Ricci
#55 KWAD2_CONCEPT by Vincenzo Ricci
#54 KWAD1_CONCEPT by Vincenzo Ricci
#53 Kwad Buckle Concept by GalaxyRobotics
#64 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle by Samrat
#51 moon shape buckle design by rifqik
#50 moon buckle design by rifqik
Hidden design
#49 simple design by rifqik
Hidden design
#47 kwad by OzarslanCAD-CAM
Hidden design
#46 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle by hitesh_ds
Hidden design
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#85 Tri glide Buckle by dhanukeerthi
Hidden design
#84 Trendy buckle by spacedeveloper
#83 Buckle Design by snopy
Hidden design
#82 S-Shape Tri-Glide Buckle by Raza Imam
Hidden design
#81 2 Wings- Tri-Glide Buckle by Raza Imam
Hidden design
#80 Rectangular Tri-Glide Buckle by Raza Imam
#79 KWAD Tri glide Buckle by AJAX1008
Hidden design
#77 Buckle Design by ponnkarthikeyan
Hidden design
#76 Buckle by patrickl
Hidden design
#73 kwad THREE-GLIDE BUCKLE by tugcekarateke
#72 Tri glide buckle by pranavn
#71 KWAD V2 by budiawan
#70 buckle design by ponnkarthikeyan
#69 KWAD V1 by budiawan
#68 TRI GLIDE by dikis
#67 Buckle design by ponnkarthikeyan
#66 Simple Design in buckle design by ponnkarthikeyan
#19 Buckle Model by parths3
#18 KWAD Tri-Glide Buckle by EmDzgn
#17 Cap buckle by sjp1
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Sat, 15 Jan 2022 06:43:19 +0000
Hi Evan,
Is the logo font must be same with attached file? Or can we provide font selection? Thanks



Tue, 28 Dec 2021 07:20:34 +0000
may i change the logo font ????



Mon, 27 Dec 2021 06:04:28 +0000
Hi Ivan,
I'm Very Interesting design in your Dad cap Tri-glide Buckle. but , If you can tell about your company logo font style?
Mon, 27 Dec 2021 05:13:54 +0000
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