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TIME REMAINING: 29 days, 23 hours
We have designed a 2.4 GHz transponder that is used for sports timing. We require a plastic housing to be designed for this small wearable device.

The PCB has a solar cell on one side and a small 40 mAh LiPo battery on the other.

The transponder is used in running, cycling and Triathlon type events, so we need it to be completely waterproof, we prefer that the unit is ultrasonically welded to form a hermetically sealed product.

The transponder will need to worn by runners, attached to bicycle forks, attached onto ankle straps, etc. An approach we would like to take with the design is to allow for the transponder itself to have a minimalistic design with a universal mounting option that allows for it to be attached to a separately designed Bike mount, or wrist strap.

Ie: the Bike Mount would be a separate design that cable ties (zip ties) to the front fork of a bicycle, then the transponder clips onto or locks into the bike mount. This would allow for future designed mounting accessories, while keeping the transponder design standard.

The design considerations include:

- The housing must be completely waterproof (Hermetically sealed). We would prefer that the unit is sealed with ultrasonic welding.

- We use a solar cell on the top of the PCB to charge the small LiPo battery, so there should be a transparent section in the housing to allow for light to reach the solar cell so that the LiPo remains charged.

I have attached an image of the transponder as well as an STL file of the PCB Assembly. We can send further information and output files as required.
The design needs to be:

- Compact
- Waterproof (parts need to be designed for Ultrasonic welding)
- Universal mounting design to allow the transponder to clip or lock into separately designed mounts in the future.
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