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Need a design mock-up for a fireplace remodel, with dimensions. As pictured, the existing mantel is 13 ft long; the wall is 17 ft long and just over 8 ft tall. Want a wooden mantel, probably with new cabinets on either side of the fireplace. Would like the fireplace front to be a reddish aged brick, as pictured in the column, although I'm open to new ideas on the fireplace front, and the hearth (floor area in front of fireplace). TV will be mounted above mantel, which leans me toward wanting a larger mantel to offset the size of the TV.
Whatever looks cool subject to above description.


1st Winner
#2 fireplace v1 by Milan Borovic
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May 24, 2018 19:27
#1 1 by Arhitecto
May 24, 2018 14:56
#3 White wooden mantle by Pavan3679
I have made two models for your can place plants on the mantle shelf just below tge tv in both the that it will give an attractive look for the entire wall.In the first design you can place some flower vase and other decorative items on both sides of the tv the shelf can be made using wood or else my suggestion is to make with glass it will give more look to the wall.
The second design is pretty much cool and simple you can place books and other decorative items also you have a lot of cabinet space to store many otems
May 26, 2018 13:50
#4 Fireplace by Mahbub
May 29, 2018 17:45
#5 Updated Fireplace by ellacar
For this design I took the overall design of your fireplace and made it more modern. It has large cabinets on either side for storage as well as shelves to display things on. The mantle is spacious enough for a tv and other decorations to be placed on it. Hope you like it!
Jun 4, 2018 18:06
#6 Fireplace Matt by Loros Design
Hi Matt,
My name is Lorena and I was thinking to create a hip and contemporary fireplace. You have two options. One with the redbrick similar to your picture. Or the other one with white/grey tiles. The cabinets are grey oakwood. Mantel will be a white wood. Let me know what you think.
Kind Regards,
Loros Design
Jun 5, 2018 0:58
#7 FirePlace by arkiattack
Hi! I hope you like these concept!;)
Jun 6, 2018 3:29
#8 Fireplace Redesign - Simple by evanlivingston
A simple fireplace + media center which will be economical to have constructed yet striking in appearance.
Jun 7, 2018 6:05
#9 fireplace by tsuen
hope you like the design,if you have any suggestion of design please let me know.
Jun 7, 2018 18:48


Sat, 26 May 2018 08:23:26 +0000
What is the total dimension of your existing fire chamber? Do you want to use all both spaces for your cabinet?

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