Invention Ideas: Introducing the New Community for Inventors!

invention ideas new inventors resource

Hi! We at Cad Crowd have been working on something, and we’re really excited to share it with you! It’s been a real thrill watching Cad Crowd grow over the past few years. We now have over 10,000 members, and our strength has always been in the community of talented designers that has grown around the platform. But there’s always been another group that has been important to us, and those are the inventors!

The product innovators, whether they’re CAD designers or not, have always been an important part of what we do at Cad Crowd. It’s these creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who bring many of the fun and exciting projects to Cad Crowd. We thought it would be awesome to have an online community inventors and inventing. We looked around at what was out there, and we thought things could be better!

So, without further ado, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new community hub and inventors forum, Invention Ideas!

Connect With Inventors and Events in Your Area

One of the biggest gaps we saw for inventors online was a way for people to connect socially and plug into local events and meetups that are going on in their own communities. This is one way Invention Ideas is a bit different from other invention forums and resources. Members can join their local Inventors Group to connect with other innovators in their town or area. Can’t find your neighborhood on the list? No problem, you can create your own group! Invention Ideas is a place where you can find discussions and news from around the world and in your own back yard!

The other really cool thing we wanted to add was an easy way for folks to keep informed about all the different meetups, events, conventions and tradeshows that might be taking place in their area — or in a town they’re planning to visit! We keep Invention Ideas updated with all the upcoming events that might be of interest to tinkerers, innovators, and dreamers.

The Forum

The Invention Ideas forums are a place to gather and discuss anything pertaining to the world of inventions. Get help on your project or share your own invention advice. Gain some inspiration and maybe learn a few things from your fellow makers. They say we stand on the shoulders of giants. Well, imagine how much further we can see still when we lift each other up even higher!

The inventors’ forums are a resource for all kinds of invention questions and answers, anything from patents to rapid prototyping to manufacturing and materials. But they are also a community hub, a welcoming place for all to come and share their stories, their experiences, and to make new friends from around the world.

Community Blogs

We want Invention Ideas to become the go-to resource for invention help, tips, and tricks. That means it has to be a site for inventors, of inventors, and by inventors! Our community-drive blog features fun, interesting, and informative original content written by experts in the field or submitted from members of the community. We’ve all had different experiences, career paths, and challenges in our journeys, which gives each of us a valuable perspective. If you have advice you’d like to share, why not submit it to the Invention Ideas blog?

Be Part of The Community

Like Cad Crowd, it’s the membership that makes Invention Ideas strong. Invention Ideas is more than a blog or a forum, it’s a social hub. It’s part social media, part community resource. Express yourself and personalize your page. Build a profile, connect with others, share photos, post to your wall, and help grow the online inventor community. Find your local group, get inspired, and make some new things!

Head on over to Invention Ideas and create your profile. Get involved, and let us know what you think!