6 Crowdsourced Architecture Design Competitions

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At Cad Crowd, we’re lucky to have a ton of very talented architectural design experts. Whether you’re looking for help with remodeling or need to design your commercial plot, our network of CAD freelancers can help.

We run crowdsourced design contests where you’re in control. You submit the guidelines of the contest and our freelance architects bid for your job.

Let’s take a look at some of our successful architectural contests!

Outdoor Living Space with Pool held by tmidkiff

outdoor living space

One of our buyers, tmidkiff, was looking to remodel his backyard. The buyer wanted it to compliment the design of his colonial style home, with the white columns and red bricks. Ultimately, he wanted a modern, elegant living space for his young family that could serve as a space for entertaining. But he really didn’t want anything gimmicky, like a water slide.

Cad Crowd’s freelancer zeldom designed a beautiful outdoor living space with a pool. Out of 35 entries from 14 different designers, his design was the winner.

Beach Home held by Beach House

beach home

This buyer had completed plans for a beach house but needed the exterior redesigned to have a more modern flavor. He already had a simple exterior designed but wanted it to be updated with the same windows and size, so the parameters were set.

Perspective Designs, one of the best architectural design companies on Cad Crowd, designed a beautiful model with SketchUp. The home is made of stucco and stone, has two white garages, and a ton of windows. This modern space is very impressive.

LA Apartments held by Bert

la apartments

Bert was looking to have an LA apartment designed quickly and had the budget to match. He wanted a modern and minimalistic design with an interior and exterior, and needed it in three days.

Luckily for him, 3dsaltstudioes, one of our design companies, was ready to take on his project. They provided him with high-quality photorealistic renderings. As you can see, this apartment design is very sleek and modern.

3D Home Design held by wgipps


Wgipps already had a 2D, professionally drawn sketch of his home but he wanted to turn it into a 3D model. His asks were pretty simple — just the structure, in color, with no furniture, doors, windows, or any other frilly things. And he wanted to be able to traverse through the house in 3D.

Raluca Harpa designed an excellent 3D flythrough of the home in SketchUp. It met all of the requirements of the project and went on to win the contest.

Residential Property held by Ramsler

residential property

One of our buyers, Ramsler, was looking to get a 3D design of a new residential home that he wanted to have built. He wanted the interior and exterior modeled in a craftsmen style.

NickVal, a building design and structural detailing expert on Cad Crowd designed the perfect house for Ramsler. He’s an expert in architectural design and AutoCAD, and his designs deliver every time. We have many experts of his caliber available to design your next project.

Retail Spa Waiting Area held by LeafDentalCare

retail spa waiting area

A dentist’s office approached Cad Crowd in search of a designer to help create a modern, appealing waiting area for his business. He had some very specific requirements. He wanted the entrance to have floor to ceiling glass windows, a hardwood floor, as well as a modern seating area and exquisite backlighting.

Our designer viz_rado had this job covered. He created a beautiful photorealistic waiting area that not only met all of the requirements but went above and beyond.

As you can see, Cad Crowd has a variety of clients and designers ready to compliment each other. Whether you’re looking for help designing a beautiful home or your next business space, our designers have you covered. They’re experts at using all the programs you could dream of, including Maya and AutoCAD.

We host contests, where you can list the specifications of your project and have our designers post their interpretations of it. At the end of the day, you pick the best design and only pay for that. It’s the best way to crowdsource your design project. Contact us for a free quote!