5 New 3D CAD Design Projects from the Gallery

jet plane design

It’s time again for another recap of some of the fantastic 3D modeling work uploaded to the Cad Crowd gallery. From drones to fashion, there’s always an impressive range of projects from our diverse global community of designers. Here are five of the awesome designs that have recently been added.

1. X-Black Drone (Quadcopter) Consumer Products Design by Ridwan Septyawan

drone design 3d modeling

Drones are all the rage these days. This elegant model (animated to boot!) is a slick example. The neon rims around the blades are a nice touch. The body are of the drone looks quite spaceship like. The modeling and animation are jus as impressive as the design.

2. Chess Set 3D Modeling Design by REDA

chess set cad design

This innovative chess set design is a cool modern take on one of the world’s favorite games. The rendering of the wood is awesome — especially for the dark pieces. Just as with traditional chess, the pieces are distinguished only by their heads, though in this case they’ve gotten a bit blockier. Somehow it’s a sophisticated kind of blockiness, though.

3. High Heels Product Design by John Paulo

high heels fashion design

These super stylish high heels make a statement. The contrasting heel and the open design are quite striking. You definitely wouldn’t want to run a race in them, but they’d light up the gala or the ballroom. Just imagine the dress that would go with a pair of shoes like these.

4. Concept Motorcycle CAD Drafting and Design by dan2jcad

custom motorcycle design

A beautifully designed, modeled, and rendered concept bike! The level of detail is impressive, from the brakes to the brake assemblies to the kickstand, an impressively comprehensive design. Looks great.

5. Jet Plane 3D Modeling Design by ravi sharad

jet plane design

This gorgeously rendered jet plane design looks like a good companion for the bike above. Super sleek, this looks like something Tony Stark would use to get around. The windshield is particularly interesting. Another very classy design executed beautifully.


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