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Advances in 3D printing technology are opening up a whole new arena of design potential for inventors and creators across many industries. The extreme precision achievable through such technologies as stereolithography and PolyJet makes 3D printing an exciting process for jewelry and fashion design. Beautiful, unique and highly detailed objects can be made from a variety of plastic and metal materials. With cutting edge technology on your side, your designs will stand out on the runway and on the store shelves!

Our network of expert CAD designers specializes in creating workable 3D models of your concepts and designs that are ready for rapid manufacturing. They will work with you to ensure that your vision is realized in the 3D model in a design that will be optimized for the manufacturing process. Whether you're designing clothing, accessories, or jewelry, our 3D modelers will help you bring your vision to life. Get a quote now.

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3D printing is an ideal technology for creating unique and interesting handbags, sunglasses, clothing, jewelry and accessories. Additive manufacturing technologies are great for independent fashion designers who want to create unique or low-volume production runs of exclusive items with considerably lower overheads and faster turnaround times than conventional manufacturing. Your product can be in your hands in just a matter of days!

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