Custom Cell Phone Accessories by Freelance 3D CAD Design Pros

custom cell phone accessories

For a person to be without a cell phone nowadays is rare. We’ve all become personalized communication centers available at any time during any day.

The benefits of having this instant form of contact are enormous for safety reasons, such as being alerted to threatening weather or finding assistance if urgently required.

The variety of cell phone producers, not to mention cell phone service providers, is enough to give anyone a headache of broadband proportions. Along with this overwhelming amount of choice comes the advantage of owning a piece of technological hardware that caters to our lifestyles and preferences. This supply of innovative phones grows every year with new ideas. Cad Crowd, an online platform for turning ideas into reality, is instrumental in providing 3D modeling services and freelance CAD designs of cell phones.

If someone has an idea for a new cell phone design, Cad Crowd can put the inventor in contact with CAD designers who are able to provide detailed 3D CAD designs before production begins. These CAD designers reside all over the world, but they might as well be in your town with Cad Crowd’s attention to immediacy. The company fully understands that time can be crucial, especially when someone is applying for a patent. But attention to detail isn’t sacrificed for urgency and Cad Crowd provides a guarantee for that.

DesignPro Knows Motorbikes

Motorbike riders know that a cell phone can be difficult to handle while traveling down the road. DesignPro, a designer from Maryland, devised a way to overcome this shortcoming by relying on his impressive portfolio in mechanical design engineering.

DesignPro motorcycle
By Cad Crowd User DesignPro

DesignPro set up a company just for developing motorcycle accessories. This design is for a cell phone that’s viewable by integrating it with the gas tank, making it a practical addition to someone’s ride. The solid metal cell phone holder locks with a key, so your phone is secured and it’ll be there should you park your motorcycle.

Jnatzic – Cell with Instant Recoil

Pedestrians, as well, may want to make their cell phones more secure than it would be if you just put it in a pocket or bag. This idea keeps the phone attached to you on a recoiling tether so you’re not dealing with messy lanyards that could get tangled.

spider clip
By Cad Crowd User jnatzic

The idea by New Mexico, U.S.A. designer jnatzic also means that your phone will be saved from being accidentally dropped, which is never a good thing. There’s also closing hooks on the holder to attach other technological devices to keep them all in one place.

Design2render – Phone On a String

But perhaps a lanyard or wrist strap is preferred as a means to keeping a cell phone secure. This iPhone 6S case is designed for just that, with a clasp so you can attach a strap of your choice. This design is unique as most clasps attach to a cover rather than the phone itself. Alabama, U.S.A. designer Design2render used his professional 3D modeling skills to create this accessory that’s available for purchase on Amazon.

phone on a clipp
By Cad Crowd User Design2render

RolandStuDesign – Strong and Handsome Design

When a smartphone is used in extreme conditions, it has to be rugged, which is what designer RolandStuDesign achieved with the Caterpillar CAT S50.


cat phone case edit 2

This Ukraine-based 3D modeling expert has an extensive portfolio that makes RolandStuDesign an excellent choice to have working on an idea you want developed.

Our Freelance 3D Design Services can Help

Inventors have an ally in Cad Crowd. We put them in touch with top-rated CAD designers for 3D rendering and modeling. Ideas are a great start, but seeing a concept as a real product makes it tangible. You can use a 3D model to create a prototype or impress investors.

The close attention that Cad Crowd and its designers provide each project helps it become successful. Cad Crowd’s accuracy guarantee means that your design is completed correctly without having to repeat renderings or prototypes. Maybe you have an idea that needs 3D development and could be the next viral product that goes into production. Contact Cad Crowd to discuss your idea confidentially and get a free quote.