CAD Design Showcase: 6 Winning Design Contests

carbon fiber

Cad Crowd gives engineers, architects, and dreamers the chance to see their ideas come to life. Whether you’re imagining electronic devices or homeware design, our designers are here to help.

Lucky for you, we offer our customers the chance to hold their own design contests so they can see many different design options quickly and choose their favorite to develop.

Smart Hub Enclosure

This first contest was held by user InergySys, who wanted a smart hub enclosure design that wouldn’t interrupt the sleek and minimalist feel of his clients’ homes. The hub does more than just automate the electronics in your home. It actually scales back or increases the level of electricity usage based on how much power is available.

The winner of this contest, Steven INA, is one of our top designers. A mechanical engineering student, he specializes in 3D design and has designed many different kinds of products for our clients, from headphones to mosquito traps.

Steven’s design includes LED indicator lights, so users know when the hub is connected to their WIFI, Ethernet, smart meters, or home Z-wave automation equipment. The smart hub he designed will hide in the corner of any bookshelf without disturbing the flow of a room. The design neatly hides the needed ports and plugins at the back of the hub.

smart hub

Kick Scooter Design Contest

Someone who is on top of the recent transportation trend is Alberto Rey, who held a design contest for a kick scooter that could easily be taken onto public transit and then whipped back out to scoot past the sidewalk traffic. He asked competitors to design him something that would be ultralight and foldable. With this 90s craze back on the scene, we’re sure we’ve seen Alberto’s winning scooter around.

Speaking of, Adrriano Mattera took first prize for this contest. Adrriano is one of the many CAD designers who work with us to make stylish and innovative product designs for our customers, specializing in Autodesk Fusion 360.

For this competition, Adrriano submitted a super stylish black and white scooter design featuring two headlights so riders can rule the roads all day and all night. With a sophisticated handlebar brake system, safety is not a question.

kick scooter

Wired Earbuds Design Contest

ETEC held a competition for concepts for in-ear module wired earbuds and a small portable case. The customer requested a design that would feature a control module, so users can control the volume and other functions without needing to reach for their device.

The contest winner, Cup ‘O Design, designed a set of earbuds for ETEC that are super sleek and offer the ability for users to customize the look with different snap-on design elements. With so many different style options, wearers will never be bored and can choose one for every mood.

Along with the requested control module, the ingenious winning design allows for easy storage, as the earbuds can be conveniently wrapped around the control module. With a special notch in the controller, the earbud cord will stay snugly wrapped until the user decides to take the headphones back out.

wired earbuds

Carbon Fiber Hammock Bath Contest

When it comes to furniture design, our designers get it right. JimboPenguin was looking for someone to create a 3D CAD design for a suspended hammock bath made of wood and wrapped in carbon fiber cloth.

This contest was won by Michael Dimou, who designed a stunning suspended hammock bath for the client. With a broad portfolio of different designs, this creator has made many customers happy with his work and this bathtub design was no exception.

The dark metal tub would be a stylish addition to anyone’s bathroom. Supported by two wall mounts, soaking in this suspended hammock design is certain to soothe life’s worries away.

carbon fiber

Premium Headphones Design Contest

Along with wireless earbuds, ETEC also asked the Cad Crowd designers to put forward ideas for a premium over-the-ear headphone set. The company wanted a design that featured a vintage-looking metallic finish for their Bluetooth headset. They also asked competitors to create a design for a set of headphones that would allow for easy storage, with ear cups that can swivel a full 90 degrees.

User Stephen INA was the winner of this contest, with a beautiful set of headphones, showing off all the design requirements from ETEC. The headphones have plush and super comfortable leather ear cups and a padded headband for extra comfort. The headphones also have control buttons on the side of the earpiece.

premium headphones

Whether its electronics, furniture or stylish modes of transportation, our designers create stellar product plans that come prepped for production.

Get a quote or hold your own design contest to see your vision become a reality.