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We are working on IEM wired earbud to be released in 2018.
We are looking for High Quality renderings and 3D Drawing.

Type: IEM Earbud
Target Audience: 13-40 Year Olds
Competitors: Enclosed in attachments
Controller: Slide button for volume, One multi Function button, and one microphone hole (attached picture for reference)
Case: We would like it to be portable, thus an outdoor use case is anticipated.
Dimension: Any shape under diameter 12mm and length 12mm (See attached picture of Driver dimension)

Design Features:
• Trendy Durable Design
• High Quality Plastic
• Ergonomic fit design
• Crazy, Creative and Surprising design Audio Specification
• Driver Unit: 10mm
• Cord length: 1.1m
• 3.5mm plug

Any software is acceptable, if STL format file can be provided.

Any further questions, please feel free to comment.
Design uniqueness
  1. PTC Creo Parametric
  2. SolidWorks


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Jan 6, 2018 22:12
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Jan 16, 2018 14:22
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Jan 14, 2018 10:08
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Jan 14, 2018 10:01
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Jan 6, 2018 23:52
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Jan 18, 2018 21:53
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Jan 20, 2018 6:12
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Dec 24, 2017 9:10
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Jan 9, 2018 12:11
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Jan 2, 2018 19:25
#2 IEM EARPHONE by shailu018
Dec 25, 2017 8:08




Tue, 09 Jan 2018 02:40:04 +0000
Hi Steven INA! we look forward to your design :)
Fri, 29 Dec 2017 02:50:25 +0000
This is one of the briefs and will work on your project.

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