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Let the freelance contractors from CAD Crowd provide you affordable Building Information Modeling and other integrated CAD Design services. It is the best place to go to for all of your global outsourcing 3D design and 3D modeling needs.

Building Informational Modeling is a way to effectively digitize all aspects of the building process. It takes both graphical and non graphical information and transports it into a single 3D environment. This type of 3D design support allows you to show the entire life cycle of the building process from the initial layout to a fully operational model. It allows all team members from contractors to engineers to find any potential conflicts between different building systems. Using a BIM service helps reduce both time, cost, and waste by helping the design team to eliminate problems before it is too late.

CAD Crowd’s Architectural Services:
CAD Crowd’s 10,000 strong field of CAD Professionals gives you access to superior architectural BIM solutions that can help your design and development team make more informed decisions, find potential flaws and reduce overall risks. Our experienced CAD Engineers have access to the very latest 3D modeling programs which can provide you with critical information. We provide the best collaboration software to help streamline the process of creation, storage, and communication. Created by people who understand your CAD outsourcing needs, we can help meet and even exceed your expectation better than anyone else. Choosing CAD Crowd to fulfill your BIM needs will help you find the best drafting and design professionals from around the globe. Join us and help us become the best outsourcing solution for BIM services.

Here are some of the BIM related services that CAD Crowd can offer:

BIM Construction Documentation
Let our global contractors take care of all your design and documentation for you at affordable prices with quick turn around

3D Design Support
Our contractors can also create smart 3D informational models ot your project.

Coordinate, Detect, Mitigate
Our professionals can help identify any design conflicts and make sure that your project’s design model is fully coordinated. Outsourcing your CAD Design Services can help you save time and money and cut down on the need for any last minute changes.

Access to intelligent parametric libraries
CAD Crowd can assist with connecting you to the qualified CAD Engineers who are skilled in 3D modeling software such as Revit and Solid Works. Let them help create intelligent parametric libraries for future building projects.

Embedded information
Using our BIM Services, you can also have vital information embedded into your collaboration database such as vendors for special materials, quantity, costs, specifications, and phasing schedules. This can give you easy access to everything that you need to know during all stages of the project.

CAD Crowd can provide you knowledgeable professionals in the following BIM and 3D modeling tools

  • Solid Works
  • Catia
  • Revit
  • Plus Many Additional Services

If you have a 2D CAD drawing that you wish to convert to a 3D BIM platform, bring it to us and let us do it for you. We are quick and accurate and will save you time and money. Finding the right professional modeling team on CAD Crowd is as easy as checking your email. All of your CAD outsourcing needs are just a few clicks away.

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