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CAD Crowd is a crowdsourcing marketplace for outsourcing CAD services to freelancers worldwide. is a Canadian company that aims is to provide high value engineering offshoring and CAD outsourcing services to international companies.

To have a deeper understanding of what is all about as a company, here is a quick definition of what our focus is: EPO. Basically, EPO stands for Engineering Process Outsourcing. The role of EPO in general is to support dynamic engineering, architecture and construction industries worldwide.

No matter what the nature of a project is, there is no standard formula which can be followed to ensure its success because the circumstances surrounding each workplace are different. This is where EPO comes in. By outsourcing the engineering processes, you can rest assured that the individual tasks will be handled by an expert in the field.

What are the Benefits of EPO to Your Business?
Aside from having the engineering-related tasks handled by qualified experts, another important benefit of outsourcing is its cost-effectiveness. Instead of hiring and training a professional to oversee an engineering project for you, it can instead be outsourced. The time to perform the task will be cut in half, you can have that assurance that the project will be finished to your utmost satisfaction, and you can save a significant amount of company resources.

Now, why does it pay to hire a company like to perform the engineering-related tasks that you have?

First, look at the scope of the EPO services that we provide. Since its inception, has been serving clients from the following countries: