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The American Institute of Architects has been around for a long time and has established itself as the agency that helps set the democratic benchmarks for the architecture industry. Architects that are associated with the AIA have a reputation for high quality output and in depth understanding of the architectural discipline. Architectural firms associated with the AIA are trusted by people around the globe for their high professional standards and quality of their drafting and design work.

Every year the AIA hosts an awards ceremony which highlights the best and brightest architectural design concepts that AIA architects and firms have come up with. Given today’s shift towards the environment, AIA has lately been awarding building design technology that supports green building practices and sustainable living concepts. On their end, architects and firms associated with the AIA have also adopted green living policies and have now begun showing great concern over things like climate change and urban sprawl. Many designers have now begun employing more efficient building technologies in order to combat the overall ecological footprint that their buildings leave behind.

More and more, the awards from the AIA grand event are going to design teams which are putting up buildings that are more functional than decorative. Green Building technology and the practice of incorporating sustainability in the overall CAD design has been getting more recognition from the AIA. Thanks to this new focus of green and functional architecture, more AIA firms are going ground level in order to satisfy these requirements.

Firms associated with the AIA, are in many ways, pioneers in the widespread adoption of green building designs by others. Without a doubt, there are many other architecture firms out there who are not associated with the AIA, yet provide green building CAD design services. However, these alternatives tend to be a bit costly for all practical purposes and are not as popular with the average home builder. On the other hand, the green building practices adopted by AIA associated Architects have been extensively researched and developed to be both costly and easily adopted throughout. This universal adoption is partly because of AIA increasingly rewarding feasible ways to build green buildings.

The sharing of knowledge in the form innovative ideas and pioneering concepts is another characteristic that is prevalent in the practice of architecture firms that are associated the AIA. Combining the ideas of different designers from diverse fields of expertise can often result in awe inspiring projects and the AIA is well known for their collaboration.

Interior architectural design is another domain that is becoming popular among AIA drafters and designers. People are now willing to spend half their building budget in order to get the best CAD Design Services possible from an AIA interior Architecture Firm. Expertly planned interiors certainly help raise the overall quality of life for the occupants. The concepts adopted by AIA interior architects can help boost the overall mental and physiological health of the people living within a residence. This is done by making the right choices in color, lighting, texture and contours.

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