5 More Awesome CAD Design Projects from the Cad Crowd Gallery

Design Projects from the Cad Crowd Gallery

From jewelry design and interior design to designer electronics, Cad Crowd’s network of 3D modelers and designers boast some diverse talent. You can see this diversity of CAD design talent in this week’s roundup of design projects from the Cad Crowd gallery.

Ring design by verma gaurav

Ring Jewelry Design

There are some absolutely stunning jewelry designs in the Cad Crowd 3D model library, and this ring design by verma gaurav is a striking example. Glamorous and opulent, this designer jewelry isn’t for the bashful! There certainly isn’t much subtlety in this daring design, though it manages not to overdo it and to keep things sophisticated. A gorgeous piece of design work.

Computer Mouse design by Dmytro_Fedorenko

Computer Mouse CAD design

Moving into some more functinal terrain, this computer mouse design by Dmytro Fedorenko shows the designer’s aptitude for surface modeling. A design both elegant and ergonomic, the mouse looks great and also looks like it feels great. I certainly wouldn’t mind a mouse as comfortable as this CAD design looks. There’s no beating that retro-futuristic look

Interior Design by Jov_vanni

Interior Design 3D Modeling

From the small to the big, we now come to an interior design that looks like a good match for that ring from earlier. A mix of both modern and classic elements, with the multi-tiered coffee table below a snazzy chandelier and some nice deep molding and subtle recessed lighting. The purple couches pair beautifully with the floral drapes, and the room somehow seems both cool and warm. Utterly relaxing. Perhaps a nice place for some tea.

Unique Mug Design by Butchoy_1024

Unique Mug DesignSpeaking of tea, why not drink your tea from a tiny elephant? Why has anyone ever done it any other way? This adorable little teacup would certainly stand apart in your collection. This SolidWorks design would make for a guaranteed conversation piece. Being as cute as it is, you might just end up conversing with the mug itself!

Mine Sweeper Robot design by Ahmed Elbhje

Mine Sweeper CAD Projects

Switching gears once again, we now come to the domain of pure functionality. This minesweeping robot design displays a completely different skillset, focusing much more on the pragmatic than on the aesthetic. Wanna see it in action? Check out the video below to see it in action.