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Here is a quick review of my skills and how I can help you:
- Design products
- Design Surfaces
- Parametric design
- Turn your sketches, pictures, ideas into a 3D model
- Design Assemblies and analyze them to make sure there is no clash or defects
- Depict explosion views of your assemblies in 2D and 3D
- Draw 2D drafts for workshop operators either for production or putting parts together.
- Reverse-engineer cloud points, CGR files, STL files, CGO files, etc.
- Design sheet metal products and unfold them
- Draw 2D drafts and blueprints
- Provide DXF files for laser cutting
- Provide a Bill of Materials (BOM)
- Simulate mechanisms
- Render your final products using KeyShot
- Define specific material(s) and their textures for your product if you are going to use a unique material

3D Models


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