I am a mechanical engineer with over 15 years experience in new product design and development. I have worked on everything from high end consumer products and sporting goods to military hardware and everything in between. I also work with chemical, electrical and optical engineers for those projects that require them. Feel free to call or email for free advice or to ask general questions.

I work from home with zero overhead so my rates are highly competitive and my work is on par with any major design firm, at a fraction of the time and cost. I use various networking programs that give my clients access to my system, so they can view my screen as I work, allowing them to take an active part in the design process. I also provide 3D files at critical intervals which can be viewed on your system without having to purchase design software. I will provide a link to all required programs upon request.

I can provide cost effective conceptual designs with 3D prints or complex assemblies ready for manufacture. However big or small your project is, my group of independent contract engineers can get the job done at very affordable rates. My primary goal is to determine what the clients short and long term goals and needs are and help guide them through the process of product development in order to help them avoid pitfalls and money traps. Getting from A to Z with as little cost and time is the key to success, especially for small start up companies.

Deliverables always include the following;

Native Solidworks files
STEP files used in manufacturing / programming CNC
STL files used for 3D print
EPRT files used to view 3D files on your end using free 3D viewing software available on line
2D drawing used in manufacturing

I can also provide provisional patent write ups and assist in licensing or manufacture.

NDA, portfolio and professional references are available.

For further reference, the following link is an article that was done about me and my work experience;

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Lyman Bishop

Shown in the links below is the TAC-BALL, designed to serve as an electronic flash bang substitute. See the link below for YouTube videos showing various tests being conducted on the TAC-BALL.

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  • Corllins University Masters Degree, Mechanical Engineering 1996 graduation