Global rank:
5,329 / 29,765
Skill pts: 5


The knowledge gained over the educational period, and activities encountered in personal experience, confirmed and contoured my vocation of CAD Designer. All skills acquired and discovered so far, makes me to perform with success this job.

Communication skills
▪I own good communication skills, specific to CAD working environment, acquired during the professional training and by the accumulated professional experience.

Organisational/managerial skills
▪I am a sociable person, I easily adapt to the teamwork environment, managing well the coordination/subordination relationships with other persons.

Job-related skills
▪I am a person who takes things seriously, with a continuous desire to learning new things and self-improvement in terms of knowledge.
▪Solid skills in the creation understanding technical drawings, 3D modeling and a good three-dimensional view imagination.
▪I know to work with the Imperial System of length measurement.

Digital competence
▪Competence in the use of platforms for CAD applications:
-CATIA V5, (advanced level) modules:Assembly Design, Part Design, Generativ Shape Design, Drafting;
-CATIA V6 3D Experience modules: Part Design, Generativ Shape Design, Topology Optimisation;
- NX Unigraphics (beginner level: basic knowledge);
-Autodesk Inventor(beginner level: basic knowledge);
- Solidworks (beginner level: basic knowledge);
- I have the ability to easily adapt to use other softwares used for CAD applications.
▪Ability to use Microsoft Office™ tools :Excell, Word, Power Point, Outlook
▪Ability to use internal data management platforms :SAP PLM Tools

Other skills
▪Basic knowledge of notation/composition/recommendation use for metal alloys and plastics used in the Automotive sector.
▪Knowledge of the design and operation of aluminum/steel molds (prototype pieces/series pieces) for plastic injection molding and blowmolding.
▪Primary knowledge in the design and operation of metal machining tools.


  • Transilvania University of Brasov Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering 2011 graduation