Global rank:
5,848 / 35,593
Skill pts: 5


The knowledge gained over the educational period, and activities encountered in personal experience, confirmed and contoured my vocation of CAD Designer. All skills acquired and discovered so far, makes me to perform with success this job.

Communication skills
▪I own good communication skills, specific to CAD working environment, acquired during the professional training and by the accumulated professional experience.

Organisational/managerial skills
▪I am a sociable person, I easily adapt to the teamwork environment, managing well the coordination/subordination relationships with other persons.

Job-related skills
▪I am a person who takes things seriously, with a continuous desire to learning new things and self-improvement in terms of knowledge.
▪Solid skills in the creation understanding technical drawings, 3D modeling and a good three-dimensional view imagination.
▪I know to work with the Imperial System of length measurement.

Digital competence
▪Competence in the use of platforms for CAD applications:
-CATIA V5, (advanced level) modules:Assembly Design, Part Design, Generativ Shape Design, Drafting;
-CATIA V6 3D Experience modules: Part Design, Generativ Shape Design, Topology Optimisation;
- NX Unigraphics (beginner level: basic knowledge);
-Autodesk Inventor(beginner level: basic knowledge);
- Solidworks (beginner level: basic knowledge);
- I have the ability to easily adapt to use other softwares used for CAD applications.
▪Ability to use Microsoft Office™ tools :Excell, Word, Power Point, Outlook
▪Ability to use internal data management platforms :SAP PLM Tools

Other skills
▪Basic knowledge of notation/composition/recommendation use for metal alloys and plastics used in the Automotive sector.
▪Knowledge of the design and operation of aluminum/steel molds (prototype pieces/series pieces) for plastic injection molding and blowmolding.
▪Primary knowledge in the design and operation of metal machining tools.


  • Manager / Product Development Team Lead Mind Four D · Full-time Mar 2017 – Present 3 yrs 10 mos Brașov, BV, Romania Main tasks and responsibilities:
    • Coordinate activities within the company, supervising directly technical team, consultants and other collaborators involved.
    • Establishes collaborative relationships for long/short-term collaboration relationships with partners, clients, beneficiaries and financiers.
    • Prepares the company's budget and cash-flow for the final contracts according to the submitted proposal, with the beneficiary's comments and the planned activities to be carried out, providing the necessary resources for its good performance.
    • Supervising in a timely manner the progress achieved towards the proposed objectives and prepares monthly reports to the financiers, partners and beneficiaries, in compliance with the data provided in contracts.
    • Check the improvement degree of the work style in order to maximize the effectiveness for achieving the proposed objectives.
    • Evaluates the activity impact.
    • Prepare and check the monthly timetable for the subordinate staff and forward it to the Accounting Department.
    • Organizes the granting of holiday leave and free days for subordinate staff.
  • Product Development Team Lead Mind Four D · Full-time May 2016 – Mar 2017 10 mos Brașov, BV, Romania Main tasks and responsibilities:
    • Prepare and negotiate the offers for the potential customers ( technically and also financially),
    • Ensure the effective information exchange between the current clients and the office,
    • Ensure an adequate working environment for the entire team,
    • Performs / modifies CAD models / drawings required for the approached projects,
    • Supervises both, technically and socially activity of the team.
  • Mechanical Design Engineer Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG · Full-time Jul 2014 – May 2016 1 yrs 10 mos Laives, Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy Multinational company specializing exclusively in production of plastic components for the automotive industry. The activities for this company were undertaken as a Mind 4D CAD support.

    Main tasks and responsibilities:
    ▪ 3D modeling for various plastic parts (SCR Tanks-Selective Catalytic Reduction, filling systems for SCR Tanks, air collectors, expansion tanks for engine cooling liquid) made by using various processes specific to the plastic parts creation: casting molds, hot extrusion, blowmolding.
    ▪ Making 3D models, according to the dimensional/functional environment were the finished product will be installed.
    ▪ Participation in the Design Review meetings with the representatives of other departments, in order to develop a product that fits the feasibility of technological capability available in the company production line.
    ▪ Provide the necessary flow of technical informations related to product design / development in order to meet all the requirements imposed by other departments involved in the design / functionality / delivery product processes (Quality, CAE, CAM, Logistics).
    ▪ Participation in the FMEA meetings, where is evaluate / suggest solutions for problems that can occur during the production process.
    ▪ Manage the customer’s informations / feedback in order to develop a product that meets all the requirements throughout the production process.
    ▪ Loading and updating the models / informations in the company’s database, using dedicated programs for data management activities.
  • CAD Designer Mind Four D · Full-time Jan 2014 – Jul 2014 6 mos Brașov, BV, Romania Multinational company specializing in technical support services (by delegation of specialized staff at the customer's premises or working in the personal office) for the CAD / CAE / CAM activities.
    The company activities runs in many technical sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Equipments for mining/distribution of crude oil and natural gas, Appliances.
    Visit @ (hidden)

    Main tasks and responsibilities:

    • Performs / modifies CAD models / drawings required for the approached projects,
  • Design Engineer Technyx Euro Services · Full-time Jul 2011 – Jan 2014 2 yrs 6 mos Brașov, BV, Romania Multinational company in charge of designing and manufacturing products for the steel structure constructions: civil buildings, industrial buildings and bridges.

    ▪Computer aided design to achieve different mounting details and / or distribution of parts used in the assembly of metal structures for various construction, industrial and civil.
    ▪Preparing the CAD mounting drawings for joists, girders and deck, the lists of materials and final drawings that are used on the buildings construction sites.
    ▪ Perform the analysis of documents (drawings, project folder, revisions and specifications) to verify the quality and accuracy of information, according to project contract drawings / informations.
    ▪Manages the requests / feedback of customers, obtain the missing informations or resolving other discrepancies and apply the requested changes.


  • Transilvania University of Brasov Bachelor’s Degree, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering 2011 graduation

Other experience

  • DREAM – Driving up Reliability and Efficiency of Additive Manufacturing I am proud to be involved in a project that is approached one of the future technologies, such as metal AM (Additive Manufacturing).
    The aim of DREAM is to significantly improve the performance of laser Powder Bed Fusion of titanium, aluminum and steel components in terms of speed, costs, material use and reliability, also using a Life Cycle approach, whilst producing work pieces with controlled and significantly increased fatigue life, as well with higher strength-to-weight ratios.
    In the DREAM project, I was the 1st representatives for our organization in the Technical Committee, were I coordinated the CAD activities that divided into two main work packages.
    For the first work package, I supervised the redesign (using topology optimization processes), three products currently manufactured by conventional methods, in order to be produced by AM. The models were redesign by using CATIA V6 design and topology optimization specific modules.
    The three redesigned products are representative landmarks in areas such as medical, automotive and mold manufacturing: Hip prosthesis (Adler Ortho) - currently produced by forging; Engine subframe (Ferrari) - currently produced by casting; Mold insert (RB) - currently produced by machining (cooling channels).
    For the second work package, I supervised and design a device for removing contamination from different metal powders, used for AM processes.
    Besides the role of 1st representatives in the Technical Committee, I also had the role of 1st representatives in the Steering Committee, were related to the specific profile of our organization, I performed specific activities as for Project Coordinator and Project Manager.
    For more details and info related to the DREAM research and innovation programme, please visit: (hidden)