• Varied Professional Experiences - inclusive of Design and 3D Modelling (Product and Machine), Manufacturing. Primarily in the Automation Industry, but also experiences in Steel Construction, Pools and General Industry fields.
• Involved in all phases of the product development process from initial design to manufacturing.
• Skilled in developing new product designs and manufacturing equipment to reduce capital expense and maintain project calendar and costs.
• Always punctual, with good teamwork and seek to give more.
• As a Mechanical Designer I always try to be up to date on any type of CAD software in order to working on any new projects.
• Personal goals are to continue to enjoy the challenge of an ever changing career, continue my personal growth and learning, and be a positive member of society.


  • Sector Mechatronics Training Centre in Borj el Cedria - Tunisia Engineer’s Degree, Design and Manufacturing of Moulds and Industrial Penciler 2008 graduation