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BSME and MSME with concentration in stress & vib & mathematics. Structural/Thermal/Magnetic/CFD FEA Experience in industry, and also worked in ANSYS Distributor network in two territories ("ANSYS-Insider Expert").
Experience in many industries from tiny IC chips to 600' Marine Structures and everything in between.
Has own ANSYS seat including Structural & Thermal, DesignModeler, & SpaceClaim so I can hit the ground running from day 1!
Can do turnkey FEA Sims, can assisting companies to implement their FEA, can save you days or weeks by outsourcing your initial modelling and meshing to me so you can finish the project quicker if you already have FEA.


Age: 52

Joined: January 13, 2018

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Cary, NC, United States