The arts have been a part of Bobbi Hillman’s life since a very young age. She comes from an artistic family, and always knew that she would pursue a career that would involve art of some form. Combined with a fascination of video games and technology, Bobbi soon came to realize that all of her passions could be combined into a career.

Growing up she learned many different styles of art from pencil to watercolor, mixed media and even pottery; but never truly found her passion until she discovered she could incorporate all of these styles into Game Design. A fresh new mind in the industry, she strives every day continuing to improve and grow with her art and has a drive to gain knowledge. Taking on a full time academic program at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City, Bobbi continues to grow, learning her strengths and specialties.

Throughout her time in school she has obtained a true passion for texture art. She is able to incorporate those past art forms that she learned, and channel them through to her textures. Bobbi started from simply using various images and pictures, and has now grown to hand painting every fine detail and texture you see in her work. She breaks new bounds every time she textures a different piece, and even pushes herself to learn new painting programs and techniques. With great skill in Photoshop she has continued on to learn new artistry in programs such as Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

With a strong passion for the industry and for her work, her strength and her drive will continue on with her into her future and her career.


  • The Art Institute of Salt Lake City Bachelor of Science , Game Art & Design 2016 graduation
Area of Expertise


Salt Lake City, UT, United States