• Over 8 years of experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD) & CAE which include design and analysis of Machining, Casting, Die cast, sheet metal & injection molding plastic products.
• Failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) & Risk analysis to anticipate problems and design processes and products to reduce risks.
• To do stack up analysis for the calculation of tolerance for critical dimensions.
• To generate good quality mesh to reduce solution time and to achieve accurate result using meshing tools.
• Retrieve and modify CAD model of medical devices components, generate tetrahedral, hexahedral FE mesh to define structural domain
• To perform structural, linear & non-linear, Static & Dynamic FEA analysis of components to assess and /or modify structural design of these components to meet the design requirements.
• Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) & High-cycle fatigue (HCF) calculation.
• Identify and confirm model set-up and boundary conditions, execute analysis and post-processing of FEA results.
• Participate in product design and development teams and regularly present analysis results to engineering peers and management.
• Document analysis objectives, conclusions, results, and assumptions using a standard report template.
• Modify design based on the interpretation of analysis results.
• To calculate factor of safety to minimize the prototype iteration and validate the FEA result with hand calculation.
• To design testing fixture for physical design life testing of products and created test report as per the IEC 60601 third edition compliance.
• To do design for manufacturing analysis for mechanical components & interact with international supplier for DFM and modify design to reduce manufacturing cost without compromising the functionality of product.
• To create parts and assembly drawings, bills of materials, detailed drawings for machining, assembly and quality inspection as per ASME standards.


  • CBS Group of Institution Master of Technology, Machine design-Mechanical Engineering 2016 graduation
  • REC Karnataka (VTU Belgaum) Bachelore of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2010 graduation