I'm CAD designer with approximately 10 years of experience in 3d modelling.
My services include prototyping, innovations and drafting. I can create complex 3d models and working assemblies, make dimensioned 2d production drawings using these models and assemblies. I can assist in the transition from design to production.
Key areas of concentration are as follows:
- creating 3-D models in SolidWorks
- 2d to 3d transitions
- create models for reverse Engineering
- Sheet metal
- welded constructions
- prepare models and prototypes for 3-D printing
- woodwork & interior blueprints
-creating 3d models from foto & video.

As an engineer - designer performed a wide range of works of metal and plastic. For several years I worked as a design engineer items and decors made of wood in the restoration of monuments of architecture. On outsourcing I have done a lot of work in various fields (parts of automobile and motorcycle technology, the body of small aircraft, designs children's play centers,
Cottages, premium furniture, etc.).
Orientation: Industrial Design, Engineering Design, Product Design
Soft: SolidWorks, AutoCAD 2D / 3D


  • Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics Engineer's degree, Mathematical Methods in Economics 2010 graduation

Age: 39

Joined: January 12, 2017


Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia